Maxcem Elite™ and Maxcem Elite™ Chroma Universal Resin Cements Significantly Simplify Inventory Requirements

Kerr Dental announces the launch of Maxcem Elite™ and Maxcem Elite™ Chroma Universal Resin Cement — two exceptionally versatile resin cements that meet all* indirect restoration needs while reducing inventory requirements. Along with universal versatility, Maxcem Elite and Maxcem Elite Chroma also deliver higher bond strength and exceptional color stability.
“With Maxcem Elite and Maxcem Elite Chroma, practices can have the best of both worlds — the simplicity of a self-adhesive cement and the confidence of an adhesive resin cement that works with any leading universal bonding agent,” says Lea Pagaduan, Senior Marketing Manager at Kerr Dental. “Both can be used for any* indirect restoration in self-cure, light-cure, or dual-cure modes, which means doctors can confidently keep using their preferred cementation technique.”
Maxcem Elite and Maxcem Elite Chroma also offer practices a simplified way to reduce the amount of time, resources and money they spend on managing inventory. Both cements are compatible with all tested dental substrates, with no additional activators needed for use with adhesive in self-cure or dark-cure mode. In addition, optimize clean-up time with One-peel™ cleanup and Maxcem Elite Chroma’s color indicator that dispenses pink and fades as the cement cures.
“Doctors can enjoy this added simplicity and flexibility without sacrificing bond strength and performance,” adds Cameron Hume, Associate Global Product Manager. “In tests, Maxcem Elite and Maxem Elite Chroma offered one of the most secure holds compared to other leading self-adhesive cements on the market.” Maxcem Elite and Maxem Elite Chroma also demonstrated best-in-class bond strength to dentin and enamel with any leading bond agent, without having to light-cure the adhesive.
“While bond strength is critical, doctors also want their restorations to look beautiful,” adds Hume. “Maxcem Elite and Maxcem Elite Chroma deliver on this demand as well, with long-lasting color stability and exceptional esthetics.” Because they both use the same proprietary and proven redox initiator system used in NX3 Nexus™, any color shifts over time are virtually imperceptible.
Maxcem Elite Universal and Maxcem Elite Chroma Universal Resin Cements will be available starting on June 14, 2021. To learn more about the universal versatility, simplified inventory requirements, bond strength, and long-lasting color stability of Maxcem Elite Universal and Maxcem Elite Chroma Universal Resin Cements, visit
*All or Any Indirect Restorations (inlay, onlay, veneer, crowns (including crown restorations to implant abutments) bridge, post, anterior or posterior composite, ceramics, PFMs, metal restoration, and CAD/CAM restorations).
Source: Kerr Dental