Mawer Capital Shops With Santa for 2nd Annual Toy Donation Event

Mawer Capital announced today that their 2nd annual charity Toy Run to benefit local students will be enhanced this year by the involvement of Mawer Capital’s clients.
Mawer Capital strives to give back to its community. Mr. Rudy Mawer, Founder and CEO of Mawer Capital, has always seen the value in giving before receiving. This upcoming giving event reflects the core values upon which he’s built his company.
This year, Mr. Rudy Mawer is increasing the impact of giving by inviting some Mawer Capital clients to join him and his staff members in creating holiday memories. Clients will be in Clearwater for a three-day Mastermind Event in December. Together with Santa, they will shop for Christmas toys, wrap gifts in festive colors, and deliver toys and smiles to students at Calvin Hunsinger School.
According to Mr. Rudy Mawer, this annual Toy Run is the perfect example of what Mawer Capital is all about – community, sharing and helping others to live their best life.
Mr. Rudy Mawer notes, “The Mawer Capital annual Toy Run is a shining star for our leadership team and staff members and that star will be even brighter this year due to the involvement of our clients. As we gather for the purpose of giving, I’m grateful for our successes that enable us to positively impact the lives of local families during this holiday season.”
From startups to A-list celebrities to top-performing companies, Mr. Rudy Mawer has positively impacted thousands of businesses through the sharing of invaluable lessons and insights he learned on his own journey. 
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Mawer Capital is a premier online marketing company founded in 2020 by Mr. Rudy Mawer. Mawer Capital is headquartered in Clearwater, FL, and operates worldwide with 70 staff members. Mr. Rudy Mawer is a serial entrepreneur, investor and marketing expert. He’s built several 7- and 8-figure businesses, partnered with A-list celebrities like Kevin Harrington, Grant Cardone and Mike Tyson and has spoken at multiple events worldwide. For more information, visit or contact
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