Matthew Stevens’ New Book ‘Cambarus’ Brings a Thrilling Fiction That Tells of the Terrifying Aftermath of an Asteroid Fall

Fulton Books author Matthew Stevens, a writer with formal training in 3D computer animation and works in the Wastewater Treatment Field, has completed his most recent book “Cambarus”:  an exciting read about a sudden invasion led by a strange race of crustaceans with extraordinary characteristics. Will one be able to chase away these forces? Or will this crayfish race further grow in massive numbers?
Matthew writes, “In Upstate New York, an alien presence approaches a sleepy little farm. The Jones family has never faced a more challenging fate. Their will and hearts are about to be tested. The unforeseen is now becoming a menace.
The common crayfish is seen as fishing bait, but today the meek will inherit the farm. An asteroid has come to change all of the farm’s inhabitants’ futures. The asteroid carries a mutagen that creates the worst incident to hit Worcester, New York, in the past one hundred years. This small hamlet has a police force, and they are about to be overwhelmed. The monster invading is an air-breathing crustacean. The mutagen gives these creatures a massive boost in evolutionary growth in only a few days. The quiet hillside is the perfect spot for a crayfish to thrive. The farmers are no match for a mutated crayfish. Their sheer size makes their exoskeleton practically bulletproof. The forces of nature will face the brutality of man. Only the fates know how this conflict will turn out. Metal vs. chitin—this will be one strange tale to tell your friends.”
Published by Fulton Books, Matthew Stevens’ book is a riveting sci-fi that will bring entertainment and thrill to readers, both young and old. Tangled with a complex problem, will the people of New York ever win against these aliens?
Readers who wish to experience this gripping work can purchase “Cambarus” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books