Matrix New World Engineering Executive Appointed To Industrial Advisory Board at NJIT

David G. Eareckson, PE, Matrix New World Engineering (Matrix), was appointed to the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) for the newly formed School of Applied Engineering and Technology (SAET) at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), where he will assist in the restructuring of the college. His areas of focus are the survey engineering technology department, the construction management technology department, the construction engineering technology department, and the concrete industry management technology department. The new college was formally announced Friday, November 9th.

Earlier this year, the Newark College of Engineering had decided to establish the Engineering Education Division within the New School of Applied Engineering and Technology.

“Our mission statement is to help make this new school, and all of the departments contained within the school successful. It is a true honor to give back to my alma mater in such a meaningful way,” stated Eareckson.

Eareckson is one of five board members, and there is a chairman as well. In addition to the SAET college IAB, each department in the college has their own IAB. This restructuring of the college, and formation of the School of Applied Engineering and Technology (SAET) means that SAET will provide an education to the largest number of students at Newark College of Engineering.

Eareckson serves as President of the Matrix New World Land Development, one of the many divisions within Matrix. He provides overall supervision and support to the civil, survey, landscape architecture, and planning for land development in the performance of projects for private and public sector clients. Mr. Eareckson also supervises the planning and design of all phases of large-scale projects including stormwater management, sanitary sewer systems, potable water systems, site grading, and all types of land use permitting. He interacts with local and county engineering offices, utility agencies, NJDEP personnel, and clientele, resulting in extensive engineering design, approval, and permitting experience of over twenty-five years. He is a recognized expert in the analysis of ADA requirements in site designs and has provided professional testimony on complicated stormwater and flood protection systems throughout New Jersey.

Jayne Warne, PE, President stated, “We are very proud whenever one of our colleagues gives back to the community and, in this case, extremely pleased that Dave’s work will be influential to future generations of engineers.”

NJIT created the School of Applied Engineering and Technology within the university’s Newark’s College of Engineering. Designed to meet spiraling demand in the job market for applied engineering technologists in industries reliant upon production, manufacturing, process control and instrumentation, the new school will emphasize internships, co-ops and apprenticeships within private industry and government.

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About Matrix New World Engineering:
Matrix New World Engineering is a leading woman-owned full-service engineering and environmental services firm that provides scientific and engineering expertise for a wide range of projects from infrastructure improvement, climate change resiliency, ecological restoration, and contamination studies in the United States and overseas. The Florham Park, NJ-based company has offices in Eatontown, NJ, as well as New York City, Louisiana, Texas and Arizona.

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