Matrix Leader Guests On Television Show To Discuss Documentary Of Heroic Superstorm Sandy Clean Up

Andrew ‘Andy’ Raichle, P.E., Vice President, Matrix New World Engineering (Matrix) was featured on the public affairs television show ‘Morning Coffee’. During a wide ranging conversation, Raichle detailed the hardships of rebuilding the Jersey shore after it was desecrated by Superstorm Sandy in 2012. ‘Heart of the Shore,’ a gripping documentary, showcases Matrix’s role in the expansive and life-saving clean-up after the storm. Released in late October 2020, the film is now available to rent and own on DVD and North American digital HD internet, cable, and satellite platforms through Freestyle Digital Media, the digital film distribution division of Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios.

In the weeks following the impact of Superstorm Sandy, Matrix teamed with private homeowners to design, permit, and construct the largest privately funded response to the Storm along the Jersey Shore. Matrix also provided environmental services in support of the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (NJDCA) Superstorm Sandy Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, Elevation and Mitigation (RREM) Program, among other related projects. In addition to Superstorm Sandy, Matrix has worked on many disaster response and relief projects such as the aftermath of 9/11, Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustov, Ike, Isaac, and Maria, as well as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Written by Emmy®-nominated Cliff Charles and co-directed by Cliff Charles and Ron Elliot, ‘Heart of the Shore’ was produced by Cliff Charles, Cordelia Donovan, Ron Elliot and Matrix New World Engineering Vice-President, Dennis Petrocelli.

Click here to see the official trailer of ‘Heart of the Shore’. ‘Heart of the Shore’ website >

According to Andrew Raichle “We’ve been in business for over 30 years, and there will always be a natural disaster or hurricane hitting. It is our job to mitigate the loss and pain of those most affected.” To watch the full interview, please click here.

Jayne Warne, Matrix President, states, “We learned valuable lessons from Superstorm Sandy and remain in awe of the people whose lives and businesses were completely disrupted. We were truly humbled by the resilience shown immediately following the disaster and in the years moving forward.”

About Matrix New World Engineering
Matrix New World Engineering is a company of engineering and science experts who focus on some of the nation’s most pressing long-term challenges, including climate change, resiliency, ecological restoration, contamination studies, water supply, disaster response, and urban revitalization. Matrix believes solving environmental challenges through careful planning and engineering is becoming an indispensable measure of success.

Matrix is a growing woman-owned business with offices in New York, New Jersey, Arizona and Louisiana coupled with project experience throughout the United States and the Caribbean. For more information on the firm, please contact: Jayne Warne, President 800.747.MATRIX,