MATBOCK Sells Shares in Strike Force Beverage, LLC

A little more than a year after Strike Force Beverage merged into a new entity, MATBOCK and Strike Force have settled the final sale of MATBOCK’s shares.
From 2016, when Strike Force Beverage was founded to December 2019, MATBOCK led the marketing, sales and strategic partnerships. After stepping down from their active roles within the company, MATBOCK retained their seats on the board.
Under MATBOCK’s leadership, Strike Force Beverage saw tremendous growth, landing them deals with 7-11, Coast Guard Exchange, Marine Corps Exchange and many other large and small retail locations. Their true success came from the portability of their liquid energy drink that allowed them to sell globally and even land them in Forbes Magazine. MATBOCK was instrumental in helping Strike Force disrupt a $65 billion dollar industry through this innovation.
The MATBOCK iconic bonefrog gave Strike Force instant credibility and brand awareness, which resonated extremely well with their customers through the years.MATBOCK wishes the Strike Force team much success in the future.
“Thank you to all of our customers and partners over the years,” said Sean Matson, former CoFounder & President of Strike Force Beverage.
MATBOCK’s founders, Sean Matson & Zach Steinbock to serve a different set of customers with their new venture CardoMax. CardoMax is the fastest-growing liquid single-serve supplement company in the country. They offer a full line of supplements like, Energy Intensifier, Immune Booster, Hydration and even Recovery.
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