Massive Weekend Haul From Goodwills And The Church Thrift Shop Pt.1

Oh my, I may have outdone myself with the books this time! This video is part 1 of 2 for m haul of what I got for the weekend. I got over 100 books and a whole bunch of vintage stuff. I am loving the thrift shops in the area as well as the goodwills. There is so much good stuff to go around WOW! I sell a ton of stuff on Amazon, and books are definitely my biggest money maker because they are so easy to make money off of. Here’s an example of how many books I *may* find on any given weekend. Sometimes more, or sometimes less is expected usually… I am a full time picker. I buy and sell online and travel all over the place looking for stuff to buy so I can sell it for profit. I buy anything and everything. I decided to create this channel to document my travels and discoveries in hopes that I could teach people and so that I could learn from them as well! I hope you enjoy my videos. If you do, please like, comment and subscribe. Thanks! Goodwill and Salvation Army are great places to get books to re sell online but I think that Tag Sales are an even better place to go! I have found some incredible book hauls this year alone. The best part is that usually nobody has gone through them! Most people who go to tag sales are looking for antiques and collectibles but completely ignore the media section. This is also a great opportunity to get rare VHS, CDs, Cassettes, and DVDs. Some of these books are worth a lot of money. Your best bet is of course to look for NON FICTION books

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