Mass Effect PC – Meet Urdnot Wrex Part 1

Urdnot Wrex is my favorite character in Mass Effect. He is a great ally to take into battle and is genuinely funny. So here is most of his dialogue in the game. One of the last krogan Battlemasters, Wrex has been working as a mercenary, bodyguard, etc. Wrex was a leader of a small tribe of the Urdnot clan in his young years on his home planet, Tuchanka; an unheard of honor to his prowess in battle, at his age. However, after being betrayed by his fellow people and his own father Jarrod, a rival clan chief, Wrex became aware of the true nature of most of his species: they had abandoned the ideals of old, of honor, of glory through battle. Instead, they imitated and misinterpreted those ideals as unprovoked violence, something all too common in krogan nature. Wrex has since moved on, doing odd jobs to get by. He never takes what is not his and never glorifies pointless slaughter. He only does his jobs with incredible efficiency. He believes that the krogan species could better profit through talks of peace, rather than war. Wrex is voiced by Steven Barr Enjoy!

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