Masala King Reopens for Business to Support the Local Community

New York, NY: Indian restaurant Masala King has just reopened for business as the city of New York enters Phase II of its plans to lift the coronavirus shutdown. The restaurant is only offering delivery and take out at this time, including full meal kits of some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes and immune boosters. Employees will wear face masks and gloves when preparing orders and helping customers to limit the spread of the virus.

The head chef of the restaurant, Daljeet Malik, is a Michelin-rated chef and has been featured in numerous publications and press releases in the past, including Restaurant News, Zagat, and Great Restaurants Magazine. She has spent over 25 years studying and perfecting traditional Indian dishes, such as Anari Fish Tikka with pomegranate, yogurt, and marinated sea bass, Bhaigarey Baigan featuring baby eggplant in aromatic sauce, peanuts, sesame seeds, and coconut, and classics like Chicken Tikka Masala. The restaurant is family-owned and operated. Malik and her son, Kush Malik, will be managing the restaurant. They took over this location just three months before the start of the pandemic.

In lieu of in-person dining, the restaurant will offer meal kits, so customers can quickly prepare some of their favorite Indian dishes at home. The kit will include pre-packaged ingredients with convenient proportions, authentic seasonings, and clear cooking instructions. The restaurant is also selling immune boosters for $5 each, including chicken and vegetable soup for relieving cold-like symptoms, garlic soup with medicinal properties, and homemade ginger tea for soothing respiratory problems.

Over the last few months, the midtown region of the city has been relatively quiet. As New York continues to reopen, more office workers will be commuting into the city. Masala King previously depended on these customers during the workweek, including those looking to have lunch or dinner in the area before heading home. Masala King has reopened its doors to serve these customers in accordance with the latest government orders, including an outdoor seating area where diners can enjoy their meal while socially distancing. The owners of the restaurant want the neighborhood to return to normal as quickly as possible during these uncertain times.