Maryland Fill Dirt Contractors Discuss Fall Lawn Care Tips

The Maryland fill dirt contractors at Dirt Connections released a blog containing a detailed guide to fall lawn care for Maryland homeowners. Proper care can include everything from simply removing fall leaves to using fill dirt for larger projects.

Lawns need continual care during the fall and winter. While your grass will grow more slowly during this time period, it still needs access to energy, moisture, and nutrients to remain healthy. Failing to provide your lawn with these resources during the fall can result in a brown, brittle, and weak lawn in the spring. Keeping an eye on your lawn’s progress and continuing to maintain it can help avoid this disappointment later. Doing so can also leave time and space on your lawn to tackle other backyard improvement projects, paving the way for a brand-new space for relaxation and enjoyment in the spring.

Lawn care during this time of year ranges from simple maintenance to larger-scale improvement projects. Continue to remove leaves from your lawn and water the soil to ensure that your grass has access to the sunlight and nutrients it needs to survive the colder months. Loosening the soil and fertilizing it can help in this endeavor, too. Fall is also the ideal time to plant seeds, as they can use the winter months to begin growing and transform your lawn by the time spring arrives. Using fresh topsoil can help revitalize the lawn and prepare it for new growth. Fill dirt, meanwhile, can be used to level out irregular lawns, create a banked area for a walled and elevated garden, and shore up foundations.

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