Maryland Fill Dirt Contractor Explains Using Fill Dirt To Level Backyards

A Maryland fill dirt contractor at Dirt Connections released a blog educating readers on the benefits of using fill dirt to level backyard surfaces. Fill dirt is a versatile resource that can easily and affordably help you finish your backyard projects.

Fill dirt is a particular type of dirt that does not contain large particles of rocks or other organic matter. As such, it can be spread evenly and creates a hard, solid surface when compacted, which helps prevent leakage and other damage. Fill dirt is therefore the ideal material to use when leveling backyards. After selecting an area to level in your yard, use a shovel to carefully remove any grass. Drop fill dirt in by the shovelful until the level of the dirt is just above that of the lawn, then spread it with a rake until it is level. You can then replace the grass, pressing down to help it re-root and watering it to further cement the roots. In areas where there is no grass, simply fill them in with fill dirt and use a rake to evenly distribute the new dirt.

Leveling can be a necessary process for several yard improvement projects. It can help even out lawns to make them safer and easier to care for. It can also be used to create an even surface for installing a patio or outdoor kitchen. You may choose to create two separate levels of your yard with fill dirt as well. This can create designated spaces for gardens, fountains, or other landscaping features.

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