Manassas Custom Auto Body Shop Lists Top Car Meets In Northern VA

Rob’s Customs & Restorations, a Manassas custom auto body shop, recently created a list of the top car meets in Northern Virginia. Car meets are an excellent way to not only show off your custom vehicle, but also to chat with other car enthusiasts about their own creations.

Working on your car to get it in perfect condition can often be a solitary task. While many car enthusiasts enjoy the peace and alone time, you may also feel the need to share your hobby — and your hard work — with like-minded people. Car meets are an excellent way to get advice and ideas from others while sharing your own experiences with your favorite car. Most meetups occur monthly or weekly and range from groups dedicated to specific cars to open invitations for all to enjoy.

There are plenty of car meets in the Northern Virginia area. Cars and Coffee offers several meetup options, including Alexandria and Bethesda, and welcomes an eclectic mix of old and new cars. The Alexandria group meets twice per month and hosts its own car shows each fall. Motorcycle owners can join the Lost Rhino Oilers, which shows off cars, trucks, and motorcycles in original, new, or restored condition. If you want to take your car out of town, consider joining the Saturday Morning Drivers, who enjoy scenic backroads and brunch, or the Sunset Auto Club, which organizes monthly road trips through beautiful scenery for high performance exotic, luxury, and classic cars. And for those who may still be dreaming of owning their perfect car, the Sportscar Speakeasy group meets at metro-accessible restaurants and bars to chat about all things auto.

Speak to Rob’s Customs and Restorations if you’re planning to upgrade your car before your next meetup. Rob specializes in engine swaps, custom body and paint jobs, and classic car and truck restoration. Its team of experienced mechanics offers free consultations to help you decide on the details of your custom car, then finishes the job quickly and affordably. The shop is located at 9128 Euclid Ct., Manassas, VA 20110 and can be contacted at 703-552-5001 or online at