Managing Fear Book Very Popular On Amazon With Several Hundred Reviews

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Great Book,
By kristy davis
This is a great “how to” workbook for someone that is looking for a Christian based workbook. I feel that the author is able to break down the different principals for managing fear for the the everday person. The examples in this book help to guide the invidual through the decision making process and to work with managing ones own fear appropriately . I think this book would be a great resource for someone in therapy.

Great e-book for information regarding anxiety
By Dawn Lundin
This e-book is easy to read and understand. It has a great deal of practical information. As a professional counselor in private practice, I work with many clients struggling with anxiety and other mood disorders and would recommend this book as a place to start to address these issues.

A handy little book full of practical tools
By Miranda Middleton
Stanley Popovich has written a very readable book with practical and applicable techniques for self-mastery and self discovery. While being faith-based may be a deterent to some readers, it should not be overlooked that sometimes problems may have a spiritual base in thier solution. In this age of little time for contemplative thinking, this book is fast to read and immediately understandable. Borrowing from the disciplines of psychology and theology, Popovich has made a down-to-earth handbook to help those struggling with differing levels of fear. Case examples help illustrate practical applications of the three main technical approaches to managing fear. I recommend it, to both “laymen and women” and professionals in the field who may find it especially useful as a book to refer to clients whom you know have little time for reading.

By King’s Kid
If you are looking for some practical techniques or methods to break down fears and anxieties, this little book should be useful to you. Some discipline is required, but that is okay. If you are not able to get a handle on your fears and anxieties by yourself, it is time to seek ministry from someone who knows how to help you get free. But this is a good little book and the writing is nice and clear.

Easy and practical read
By Haley C Gage
This book is a quick and easy read. Popovich breaks down fear in a way that allows tackling it to be manageable and keeps it simple. He provides practical techniques to overcome fear and ones that are often used in counseling offices. Finally, using faith and spirituality to help overcome fear and allowing God to take it on and relinquishing the control from ourselves is powerful and serves as a reminder that it does not need to hold us prisoner. A great read for anyone!

A well-written and helpful book for those struggling with fear and anxiety!,
By adamgragg
Stanley Popovich’s e-book is well-written and useful for anyone needing help with managing fear and anxiety. As a licensed mental health professional who sees fear and anxiety run rampant in the lives of many, this is a book I could confidently recommend for my clients. This book provides well-researched interventions on effectively dealing with fear and anxiety. I loved the author’s use of real-life examples for each listed intervention, allowing his readers a better understanding of how to personally apply the interventions. While this book is geared towards those of Christian faith, I do believe anyone can benefit from the other basic principles of the book. -Jennifer Gragg, LCMFT

Good overall summary of anxiety/fear management strategies,
By Adrienne
Good overall book of the different methods available to work on managing fear and anxiety. These methods are described succinctly and with examples. Great place to start if you are dealing with fears or good as a general reference book to serve as a reminder even if you have already been using some of these techniques in the past. These techniques/methods for helping an individual manage their fearful emotions take time, work and practice, but this book can give you the highlights of where to start.

Worth your time!,
By Desda
This e-book is easy to read and understand and is full of practical information. As a professional counselor in private practice, I see many clients struggling with anxiety and other mood issues. The information presented can be a good place to start to address these issues. The Biblical references and Christian perspective is an added bonus.

A quick and concise read; valuable information
By Ashley
Stanley Popovich’s guide is a valuable piece of literature to anyone wishing to learn more about managing fear and anxiety. Many of my clients present with a multitude of depressive and anxious symptoms; Stan’s guide may be useful to clinicians as well as laypeople in managing fear. I especially found it helpful that the author used so many real-life honest examples; this helped to apply fear management techniques in a realistic way.