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With a growing public awareness over the kinds of ingredients used in shampoos and lotions, there has been an upswell in demand for homemade and handcrafted goods. For those who run their own soap-making businesses, spas, botanical shops, and similar stores, having access to a wide selection of high-quality ingredients like coconut oil, citric acid, and vegetable glycerin is essential. Even if you only view soap-making as a hobby, being able to use the right ingredients is essential for crafting a product that you can feel comfortable using, without worrying about what it might do to your skin. stands out as a prime location to rely on for all of your soap-making and other DIY personal care needs. They provide all of the ingredients needed to create everything from lotions, balms, and bath bombs, to luscious body butters, spa-grade soaps and shampoos, massage oils, and more. They also have the necessary tools featured in their shop as well, so that your recipes come out right every time.

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Their online store is not only packed with fine-quality soap-making and other ingredients but a plethora of beneficial recipes as well. They have an entire section of their website dedicated to teaching their customers how to best use their products in order to create a wide array of specialty goods, such as baby shampoo, bath tablets, soap for sensitive skin, lotion bars, face masks, and much more. Their blog is also packed with valuable information on which of their products is best suited for certain formulas and how to create amazing products with ease.

It’s easy to see why has become the number one place online for soap-making and lotion-crafting ingredients like pure vegetable glycerin and mango butter. No matter what you need them for, you can be sure that you will find everything you need in their store.

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