Make Wild Game the Main Course With Recipes From Exmark

A beautiful lawn and great food are two cornerstones of any unforgettable backyard gathering, and nothing kicks the festivities up a notch like serving wild game.
That’s why Exmark has partnered with former Iron Chef Showdown winner, David Bancroft, on the new Exmark Original Series, Prime Cuts – Wild Game Edition. Each episode offers up unique big game recipes from popular outdoor personalities.
In the first Prime Cuts – Wild Game Edition episode, Bancroft teams up with Michael Waddell, Exmark ambassador and host of The Bone Collector, to discuss the secrets of preparing great wild turkey.
Waddell’s wild turkey nugget recipe includes two dipping sauce options. The spicy honey mustard is ideal for folks that prefer a milder kick, while Waddell’s personal favorite sauce kicks up the heat a couple notches. It uses charred and skinned poblano peppers, buttermilk and mayonnaise, seasoned to taste with a buttermilk ranch seasoning packet.
When it comes to grilling wild turkey, Bancroft says one challenge is keeping the meat tender and juicy while also cooking it thoroughly. To accomplish this, he seals the breasts in cooking bags in a brine of water, salt, bay leaves and cayenne pepper, then places the bags in water. Next, an immersion circulator is used to under cook the turkey breasts, bringing them to just under cooked temperature.
“We literally poach it in there,” Bancroft said. “Like a poached egg, essentially.”
Next, he coats the breasts in olive oil and places them on a very hot grill for finishing. Since they are already partially cooked, they won’t be on the grill for as long as if they were grilled raw.
In the second Prime Cuts – Wild Game Edition episode, Bancroft learns how to prepare incredible antelope medallions from outdoor legend, author and co-founder of Reel Outdoors TV and Exmark ambassador, Joe Thomas. And while many know Thomas best for his exploits over 25 years as a professional angler, he’s equally accomplished when it comes to hunting wild game animals.
“I love hunting and fishing,” Thomas said. “My family’s been raised around it. Everything we do to make a living has always been about a rod and reel and a bow and arrow. It’s been a good ride.”
Thomas’ recipe for antelope medallions uses the tenderloin cuts of the antelope, butterfly cut and marinated in a combination of olive oil, soy sauce and Montreal steak seasoning. Let the medallions marinate for up to 24 hours in the refrigerator, turning the bag every four to six hours to redistribute the seasonings.
The marinated antelope medallions are then cooked on a very hot grill. Because the medallions are not very thick, they won’t take long to grill. Smaller medallions will naturally be more well done, while the larger medallions will be on the rare side.
“You want to have a good sear on the outside but still have it tender on the inside,” Thomas said.
To go with the medallions, Bancroft prepares sauteed oyster mushrooms in a demi glaze beef stock and serves them with grilled asparagus and roasted potatoes, finished with sesame seeds on top.
“I could sell this at my restaurant,” Bancroft said.
View the Prime Cuts – Wild Game Edition episodes and download complete recipes and preparation instructions on the Exmark Backyard Life site.
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