Make Money With Clickbank Step By Step | Making Money With Clickbank From Review Sites In this video, James Ebomoyi seeks to show people how they can easily make money with clickbank step by step if they follow a certain system. Now, James has spoken in the past about making money with clickbank through salesfunnels, but in case you may not want to take the other routes he discussed, you could always try review sites. Review sites are simple sites that you set up basically critiquing different products (usually 3) and then leading the visitor to believe that the site is actually an unbiased website which has their best interest in mind. With review sites, you want to focus on the pros and cons of different programs in order to make your prospects believe that your site is completely unbiased. Too many times now-a-days, people are led to sites that promote nothing but good reviews and when they purchase a product, they end up being very disappointed in the end. This isn’t the case with review sites. You will solely focus on just three products and letting visitors know about the good and bad parts of the different products. Now what James would suggest is that when picking the products you want to promote, make sure you step into a good niche and also make sure the Clickbank gravity for your products are very high. That way you know that they are converting well. Another tip would be to stay away from “make money online” products since those don’t really do too well with the whole “simple review site” technique. You want to go into a

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