Get Paid to Watch Ads Varolo is a FREE service that offers users earning money while watching advertisments. You earn while watch commercials . Varolo helps advertisers to reach their target audience based on the demographic properties and the interests of the users. Advertisers pay Varolo, Varolo pays the users. It’s a legitimite company. Varlo is not a Scam.Addition to the income from watching ads, each watched ad enters users to win the weekly Jackpot. Varolo payments get big for users with a large network since users are also paid for their entire networks watching ads. It’s easy to use, FREE, no selling, no buying, no credit card or address required to register. Any kind of information that allows identity theft is not required. Safe to use. Varolo is accepting pre-registrations now, so users can build their “village”, and they will launch soon. Don’t miss this opportunity if you’re interested in work at home businesses or if you have a large network. It’s a great way to earn a Residual Income, and it’s always better to Start using & referring Varolo earlier since always “The Early Bird” gets the pie… How does Varolo Work? Commercial advertisers pays Varolo to advertise, Varolo pays to its users to watch the commercial ads which users can chose what type of ads they want to watch. There are three methods to earn with Varolo. First Each advertisement you watch will give you a chance to win the weekly Jackpot. If someone else in your “Village” earns the Jackpot, you

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