Make Money Online With Killer Content To have a marketing tool pre-quipped with 980 distinct niches is a dream for any marketer. In this Killer Content Review I am going to cover not only the 980 niches, but also how the mass of content on Killer Content can be filtered and searched. Socrates Socratous has been the “go too guy” in the Internet marketing industry for 8 years. All the big Gurus know him and have used his products and solutions and you probably have also. You just may not know his name. Socrates and Killer Content are two names you will not soon forget. The first step in a marketing campaign is to select your niche. The second is to get the content for this niche. In a pure stroke of genius (in my opinion) Socrates has created a product that categorizes over 150000 articles into 980 niches, but it does much more than this. He has been working with a team of professional on this project for over 18 months so you know Killer Content not only deliver, it will become another Click Bank #1 Now that you have selected a niche, you can search this mass of articles by keyword. Select a few hundred articles with your exact keyword, edit them on-screen any way you desire and resave them. With a click of the mouse your articles will automatically be posted to your blog. One click to a niche, one click to content and one click to postings. What could be simpler? I strongly recommend Killer Content and I applaud the effort and vision of Socrates Socratous and his team on

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