Make money online, quick and easy

Super Points is a new invite only website where you watch videos, invite friends, click the “Super Lucky Button” (I’ve gotten super lucky more than a few times,) and, if for some reason all that isn’t getting you enough points, you can do surveys. At the moment, you can only get Amazon cards from them, but with those, you can pretty much get anything, so who’s complaining right? On Super Points, their Invitation System has 5 tiers– your friends, your friends’ friends, your friends’ friends’ friends, and so forth. Pretend you had 4 friends, reasonable number, and each had 2, and each of them had 1. Every time one of them watched a video, or clicked a button, you would get points! Eventually, it gets to the point where you will practically be on autopilot! On Super Points, members can level through the ranks thrice, by being a: Basic Member, Golden Member, and Platinum Member. Each has its perks, and each is relatively easy to gain. I got platinum on my first day. With platinum, I get one point just for clicking the Super Lucky button every day, I get 100 clicks on the Super Lucky Button (loads of chances to get lucky!), and I make everything my friends, my friends’ friends, my friends’ friends’ friends, and so on make. You can be in the same situation. On Super Points, unlike many GPTs, the thought of botting hasn’t once crossed my mind. Why? Because– I don’t need it. No matter what, I doubt anything short of a 110% legitimate member maker bot that did all the tasks

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