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Download From Here : – ========================================== your worksheet, choose a chart type that best suits your purpose, and click. Want to try a different chart type? Just click again and select a new chart type from a huge range of possibilities. Then work with the new Chart Tools to customize the design, layout, and formatting of your chart. You can see how various options would look just by pointing at them.See how to use Conditional Formatting to create a Gantt Cell Chart. See how to use Conditional Formatting to highlight a range of cells that space a certain Time Frame.From the author of Easy Every Day Excel 2007, Yvonne Hayden, a lesson on how to create and save a Gantt chart template so that the next time you need a Gantt, simply apply your template and adjust the start and end dates. How difficult is this lesson? You should be familiar with Excel basics, and if you’ve worked with Excel charts, you’ll probably breeze through

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