Majestic 12 LTD Releases New Version of Its ‘Historic Index’; See 15 Years of a Website’s History

Majestic, a specialist search engine, has released a new version of its “Historic Index”, a history of all the web pages on the Internet, recorded by other pages linked to each page. This data provides new insights into when content and ideas became prominent on the Internet. The new Index looks further into the past than ever before, and contains insights on 17,603,828,701,516 pages (URLs) on the Internet, stretching back to June 6, 2006.
The new data lake allows any user to enter any web page on the Internet and see the date it was first seen on the Internet and the rate at which it might have gained significance. The original value of this data was within the Search Engine Optimization sector, where the data is instrumental in understanding and reverse engineering Link-based algorithms but has developed as an alternative to resources like, which maintains screenshots of web pages over time. The Majestic Index has the advantage of showing trend data and context. Uses also extend to a variety of areas from university ratings to topic and context analysis. Users can also access the data to assess a market’s size and analyze market opportunities that users may have exploited in the past.
Majestic was already crawling the Internet back in 2006. Still, the cost and technological barriers to having the entire historical data available to search meant that the company had to limit the length of time their data could look back in time. However, the raw data was held in cold storage rather than deleted. Recent improvements to Majestic’s infrastructure and information retrieval techniques have enabled the entire data set to be available online.
About Majestic
Majestic surveys and maps the Internet and has created the largest commercial Link Intelligence database in the world. This Internet map is used by SEOs, new media specialists, affiliate managers and online marketing experts for a variety of uses surrounding online prominence including link building, reputation management, website traffic development, competitor analysis and news monitoring. As link data is also a component of search engine ranking, understanding the link profile of your own, as well as competitor websites can empower rational study of Search Engine positioning. Majestic is constantly revisiting web pages and sees around 6 billion URLs a day.
Majestic is a multi-award-winning Queens Award business working closely with Aston University and leading search marketing technologies.
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