MAGNAK® launches HuMOLYTE™, an HMO (human milk oligosaccharide) prebiotic mix with electrolytes for medical-grade oral hydration

IGH Naturals’ MAGNAK has announced the launch of their newest formulation, HuMOLYTE™, offering the best oral rehydration solution for outpatient use specifically for patients suffering from gut ailments. 
HuMOLYTE™ utilizes a complex, non-digestible synthesized oligosaccharide, 2′-fucosyllactose (2′-FL) which was first isolated from human milk. This HMO has been shown to improve gut health by increasing the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, thereby strengthening the gut epithelial lining and preventing its leakiness. HuMOLYTE™ aims to be the best drink for hydration when sick as it aims to improve absorption and retention of electrolytes using this unique formulation. The specifically formulated prebiotic sugar 2′-FL improves the gut microbiome, shown to have beneficial effects on glucose control, metabolism and obesity.
“Improving gut health in patients is vital to optimal electrolyte-based hydration. If the injured gut continues to leak fluid and electrolytes, oral hydration can be a real challenge. Simply providing oral rehydration solutions cannot help these patients as the ongoing diarrheal states continue to pose a challenge of electrolyte loss,” says Dr. Kharait, Founder and CEO of IGH Naturals. “In order to help the GI tract retain those electrolytes, an additive, such as 2′-FL, was critical,” he adds.
HuMOLYTE™ is available on Amazon and MAGNAK’s online store without the need for prescription. The convenient package holds up to 20 servings and can be mixed in water before consumption. 
Each serving delivers approximately 80 mg of elemental magnesium, 150 mg of potassium, 200 mg of sodium, and 450 mg of chloride, plus 2 grams of the prebiotic, 2′-FL – free of artificial colors, sugars and preservatives, and also gluten-free. 
Patients on chemotherapy, those with inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease), diarrhea, and those recovering from chronic alcoholism have significant challenges staying hydrated at home. This leads clinicians to prescribe potentially expensive intravenous hydration at infusion centers. This prebiotic drink with electrolytes improves convenience for patients, allowing them to hydrate at home. 
The concentration of electrolytes in HuMOLYTE™ allows for a more magnesium and potassium, setting it apart from commercial formulas and sports drinks. With a prebiotic-packed electrolyte mix, HuMOLYTE™ is largely one of the best affordable fluids for dehydration in the elderly.
HuMOLYTE™ is a medical food and is recommended to be used under medical supervision. Electrolyte monitoring is recommended in patients who continue to require IV fluids or who have severe electrolyte deficiencies.
The company also plans to expand its distribution by partnering with healthcare systems, outpatient clinics, infusion centers, and pharmacies in the coming year. In 2019, IGH Naturals also introduced MAGNAK electrolyte powder to counter dehydration and muscle cramps that happen frequently in athletes.
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Source: MAGNAK