Madi Goes to Virtual School Shows Younger Students, We’re in This Together

As millions of school children return to the classroom this fall, many of them will be doing so virtually, learning from kitchen tables and laptop screens rather than the familiar flexible seating and SMART boards that define so many modern teaching spaces. And, while school districts have opted for distance learning in an effort to keep students and their communities safe, children all over the country may struggle with feeling isolated from their friends and classmates. Madi Goes to Virtual School reunites the stories of Rob Morgan with illustrations of Noel Mugaviri for their second children’s book and will leave children excited about overcoming the challenges of this new journey.

Madi Goes to Virtual School tells the story of Madi, a young girl who is startled to learn that she’ll be staying home on her first day of school. As Madi eats her mile-high stack of pancakes that first morning, her father assures her that while this school year will be different, different will be okay. From learning new ways to keep others safe to delighting in a stack of letters from friends, children will experience with Madi the highs and lows of learning in a new way. It doesn’t take long for Madi to learn just how much fun virtual school can be!

Rob Morgan, whose wife teaches middle school English, first got the idea for the story as his family was sitting around the dinner table, discussing what life would be like for his daughters and the many others like them. Morgan’s middle child, Madison, will be going to kindergarten this year, and his eldest, Ava, is returning to elementary school. “I knew that for many students this was going to be a new and potentially anxious time. I wanted to bring comfort that while this may be different, different could still be okay.”

Morgan lives with his wife and three children in Bridgewater, Virginia. He entered the children’s literature scene in 2016 with The Adventures of Arnie the Ant, a retelling of Elisabeth Elliot’s anecdote of an ant, a mountain climber, and a contact lens.

For more information about Madi Goes to Virtual School, contact Rob at 757-348-3885 or