Lynxx Bourbon: Whiskey Made the Women’s Way

Lynxx Spirits, an emerging California-based company launches Lynxx Bourbon, an ultra-premium spirit. An innovative drink selection focused on female taste preferences, the introduction of Lynxx modernizes this historically masculine category and continues to drive forward the growing demand for women leaders within the spirits industry.
Lynxx Spirits is a hand-crafted, straight bourbon that has matured to perfection in traditional American white oak barrels. This one-of-a-kind sipping spirit has been made by women for the enjoyment of women, but men are certainly welcome to imbibe. Lynxx Spirits originates from a distillery located in the legendary “Crossroads for the Future” region in Statesville, North Carolina, widely known for their production of high-quality whiskeys since before prohibition.
The custom wheated, hand-crafted mashbill isn’t commonly used and is made of corn, wheat, and malted barley which leads to a complex taste profile. Of note, the brand is further lauded for being a pure spirit with no added colors, preservatives, rye, sugar, or gluten.
Best appreciated straight up or on the rocks, Lynxx Bourbon can also be enjoyed as a mixed cocktail. Signature libations are attributed to amazing women who have changed the world, including “Audrey’s Manhattan,” and “The Albright Cosmo,” with customizations to traditional recipes including club soda and signature garnishes, such as fresh berries.
Lynxx Bourbon is 80 proof, 40% alcohol by volume, and is available in 750mL bottles with a retail price of $79.99. Packaged in an elegant bottle that is feminine and reminiscent of an antique perfume bottle with white etching and a crystal topper, the design embodies timeless elegance.
“My mission has always been to thoughtfully build businesses and products that support women, says Rachel Svoboda, Founder of Lynxx. “After twenty-years of working in advertising to build businesses for other people, I decided it was time to create my own product. Lynxx Spirits was born from my desire to create a custom empowering product that makes a statement.”
Currently distributed within California. Lynxx will be available in additional states soon. For more information, please visit and follow Lynxx on Instagram @lynxxspirits. Visit the website for direct orders or distribution questions.
About Lynxx Spirits
Lynxx Spirits is an empowering bourbon focused on quality, innovation and elegance – a spirit with a complex taste profile that both women and men can relate to and enjoy. Rachel Svoboda is the founder and visionary behind Lynxx Spirits. This single barrel straight bourbon was made an all-female team with a desire to create a delicious bourbon that is feminine and empowering. This velvety bourbon is low calorie, gluten free and 80 proof with a deeply layered aroma and complex mix of creamy vanilla and warm spices to delight your palate. For more information, and follow Lynxx on Instagram @lynxxspirits.
Media Contact:
Christia Brockman
Source: Lynxx Spirits