Lybrate is now No.1 App in Medical Category in India

New Delhi : Users of all ages and social standing are using Lybrate to take care of themselves and their loved ones. Caregivers and patients are using its one-of-its-kind ‘Questions & Answers’ platform to get specialist opinions for various medical conditions. India has a big divide with respect to the doctor to patient ratio. Lybrate is doing its bit in bridging this huge gap.

Lybrate’s Patient App on Google store has received tremendous response (see reviews) from many users who have received consultation from doctors via their mobile apps. Users are freely asking any question anonymously, even the ones that they might otherwise ignore or feel awkward to ask. Most users are getting benefitted from this easy-to-use app and get multiple opinions right on their smartphones.

With Lybrate app, users don’t just have to rely on doctors in their own city as they now have the easy access to trusted doctors from all over the country. Users are embracing this and gaining from the expertise of doctors. It’s already happening as patients from regions like Jammu, where good doctors are really scarce, are consulting doctors from Mumbai, or patients in Meerut getting consultation from doctors in Delhi right on their smartphone. It has ushered in a big change in the interactive healthcare landscape, making Lybrate the best choice in the Medical Category in India on the Google Playstore.

Doctors on Lybrate are coming forth to help patients get multiple opinions on any raging medical issues for free. While serving the patients in an interactive manner, doctors are also enhancing their credibility in the online space. More and more doctors are joining Lybrate every day to reach out to more patients and offer their expertise.

About Lybrate:
Lybrate is India’s first and fastest growing “mobile-based” healthcare platform. By seamlessly connecting doctors and patients through our apps, we make healthcare more accessible, empowering patients to get the right advice at the right time and enhancing patient reach for doctors to save more lives. Founded in 2013, Lybrate’s innovative communication healthcare platform continues to bring patients and doctors closer.
Not just for health-seekers, it is equally empowering for Doctors, with its unique practice enhancing features that draw upon direct Doctor-Patient interactive engagement. Also Lybrate’s ‘Practice Management Software’ makes their practice very convenient and on-the-go.

Lybrate is funded by m Nexus Venture Partners, India’s leading VC firm.