Luxury Cars Gifted to the Business Leaders of Seasia Group of Companies™ at Their Indian Division

California-based Seasia Group of Companies™ recently hosted a grand event in their Development Office in India to recognize and appreciate the consistent efforts of its business leaders. The pioneers of Seasia brainstormed and discussed the business strategies to strive for the organization’s further growth in the coming years, at JW Marriot, where the event was hosted.
To celebrate the success of Seasia as they grew up by 40% in the last one year, during the COVID-era, the CEO of Seasia Group of Companies™, Mr. R.P. Singh, gifted luxury cars to the Top five leaders. Mr. Ganesh Verma (CTO, Seasia Group of Companies™), Mr. Kamal Thakur (CEO, Cerebrum Infotech), Ms. Yashu Kapila (CEO, BugRaptors), Mr. Ramanjeet Singh (Senior Manager, Seasia Group of Companies™), and Mr. Jatinder Bawa (AVP, Seasia Group of Companies™) played a vital role in driving the company’s growth and making a strong presence in the digital ecosystem. Their focus, consistent efforts, visionary approach and constant motivation to their teams are commendable. The passionate leaders of Seasia proved their diligence and prowess by achieving new heights. The leaders showcased their take on implementing gen-next business ideas to help the organization conquer new benchmarks with their strategic approach and revolutionary business ideas. 
Seasia has a strong global clientele and offers advanced solutions and services, focused around different technical domains like AI/ML, IoT, Cloud, Marketing, Security, and much more. The company has been delivering, supporting and working on crucial projects for different government and private agencies globally. 
The intelligence, diligence and commitment of the workforce of Seasia Group of Companies have played a key role in the overall business growth in the past decade. The management, leaders, and employees are geared up to strive for new goals with a progressive innovation, dynamic approach and pre-determined effective strategies.
Source: Seasia Group of Companies