LUMA1™ – World Leader in Interactive Video – Announces Groundbreaking New Features Alongside a Complete Company Rebrand

As video becomes the communication medium of choice, businesses are making more of it. Interactive video offers viewers a new way of navigating and engaging with video to make the experience more efficient and satisfying. 
“Nobody has the time to watch everything, so it’s best to offer ways to navigate to where viewers want to go, ways to ask and answer questions, even ways to click to buy. These things are increasingly important,” says John Hudson, CEO of LUMA1.
“With our major new upgrade (Release 28), we’ve worked hard to add everything our users have been asking for.”
UI and Usability improvements
The LUMA1 platform lets creators, with no web or coding experience, no special devices, apps or plugins, weave interactive stories and experiences together for themselves. These can be shared pretty much anywhere to train, entertain and drive engagement – even facilitate direct sales. With release 28, we have added online tutorials and simplified workflows to make the creative process even more intuitive.
Transcreator™ – our speech and language offering – changes your content into 24 major languages almost instantly
Brand Consistency – interactive video can be developed on brand at scale.
Insights into your viewers’ knowledge or perspectives is simpler and more robust.
Giving all users the information they want at their fingertips
The LUMA1 rebrand
LUMA1 wanted a look and feel that was more reflective of their innovative technology and they selected UK design shop, Johnson Banks to embrace the challenge. As Michael Johnson says, “LUMA1 is doing something special. The very notion of making video more effective appealed massively. Couple that with the ability to train huge numbers of people with limited resources and you can see why LUMA1 has the potential to explode.” Johnson Banks gave LUMA1 its own typeface that includes the incorporation of the number 1 into the capital A in the new logo. There is also a blended color palette that has been deployed across many design elements. “The new identity aims to convey transformation of plain old video into a new and much more engaging experience,” says Johnson. 
About LUMA1
LUMA1 is the world’s leading platform for the creation and hosting of interactive video experiences. With easy video capture, interactive video authoring, prescriptive and adaptive content, video search, and analytics, LUMA1 sets new standards for learning and communications. Organizations trust LUMA1 to speed up employee onboarding, add new skills, ensure their team is safe and keep customers and prospects up to speed. Founded in 2017, LUMA1 is based in Ottawa, Canada.
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