Lucrative Jobs in Medical Transcription

I’m pregnant. I lost my job. What now? That is the situation I found myself in recently. I was luckier than some: I had my husband, and he still had a job. Unfortunately, we knew his income would not be enough to support us and our new addition. I began a job search in the usual way: networking, looking through the classified advertisements every day, and generally trying to get my resume into the hands of those who might have an open position I could fill. During this search, one of my husband’s clients mentioned an open medical transcription position. I was immediately interested, as I had heard of medical transcription as a growing field with possible work-from-home opportunities and a good pay rate. The more I thought about what I knew of medical transcription, the more it appealed to me.

The advantages of a growing human career path that cannot be replaced by computers, independent work, and the possibility of setting my own schedule and making a good salary (even part-time) were irresistible. Still, I knew that it was unlikely I would qualify for such a position with no medical training and no formal transcription experience. I began to search for training for jobs in medical transcription, first by going to the local technical college. They had a good training program available, but there were a few drawbacks. The course was not self-paced, and would take at least one year to complete. The cost, at over two thousand dollars, was also prohibitive, and I knew I needed to find another way. To search for other training available for this field, I went to the tried and true Google. As expected, many options and courses came up. I spent several hours researching and comparing the courses, looking for a few key requirements. I wanted a self-paced course which could be completed at home for a reasonable cost.

It was easy to see that Future MT fit these conditions, and gave me the opportunity to complete the course in a reasonable amount of time, if I would work hard enough. I hoped to complete enough of the course to give me a chance at the open position before it was filled, but I also knew that even if the position was closed, I would other medical transcription jobs at home, especially with the help of the Future MT job placement assistance. All things considered, I had the confidence and interest to move forward and register for the program. SN:0TG9Y2ESY Now, I eagerly await my course materials. With them, I hope to begin a career in medical transcription that is more than monetarily lucrative. Indeed, monetary gain is the least of the things I look forward to as a medical transcriptionist. The employment and career security found in this field is the main attraction, and the independent work meshes well with my personality. As I gain more experience, I hope to be able to work from home, so I can devote more time to my family and other interests. As I gain more knowledge of the medical field, I may also be able to branch out into other medical office aspects and make myself a more valuable employee. I know that the more valuable I am, the more employment stability I have, and that is essential in today’s working environment. With that stability, and a career I believe I will truly enjoy, I will hopefully never find myself in a situation similar to the one that led me to medical transcription.

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Written by Jason Trusler: Worked in the Medical Transcription industry for over 12 years in many different fields. Currently does consulting for Online Medical Transcription Certification and Stay at Home Jobs!

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