Lucata Corporation – Big Data, AI/ML, scalability and performance leader announces addition of Saurabh Kulkarni

Lucata Corporation, provider of next-generation computing systems for high-performance, massively scalable processing of graph analytics, today announced that Saurabh Kulkarni has joined Lucata as Chief Product Officer and SVP, Software.
“Saurabh is a proven leader who brings a wealth of experience in scaling technologies from concept to product,” said Michael Maulick, Chairman and CEO of Lucata. “We are very pleased to have Saurabh onboard. His experience, leadership and insights into deep learning will be invaluable in Lucata’s mission to make our breakthrough technology universally accessible to solve complex problems in a broad range of industries such as finance, healthcare, national security, supply chain etc.”
Prior to Lucata, Saurabh served as VP and GM at Graphcore, where he led Graphcore’s engineering and commercial activities in North America. Before Graphcore, he held senior leadership positions at Intel, Microsoft and Oracle in domains spanning computer architecture, server platform architecture, cloud infrastructure, cloud-native services, AI/ML accelerators and systems.
“We need a revolutionary approach to address challenges associated with emerging sparse and memory-intensive workloads in graph analytics and AI/ML where conventional architectures will fall short,” said Kulkarni, adding that Lucata has the right architecture to efficiently accelerate these applications. “I am excited to join the Lucata team and look forward to helping the team scale new heights in the next phase of its growth journey. Lucata is poised to disrupt the big-data graph analytics and AI/ML space in a way that the industry has not seen before.”
The Lucata Pathfinder enables organizations to leverage massive pools of physical memory to accelerate and scale graph analytics and AI and ML model training by orders of magnitude beyond the capabilities of conventional computing approaches. The solution enables high-performance exascale graph analytics, including exhaustive breadth-first search (BFS), on unpruned, unsharded massive graph databases. Lucata can be used with open source or commercial graph software or with custom-written graph solutions that leverage LAGraph, GraphBLAS, or the Lucata library of search algorithms, enabling organizations to use their existing software to uncover much deeper connections within much larger graphs than is possible today. These unique capabilities allow organizations to reimagine the potential of graph analytics, AI and ML and address intractable challenges in fraud detection, cybersecurity, blockchain, risk assessment, healthcare and many other fields.
Source: Lucata Corporation