‘Lov’n Ur Hair’ Launches: All-Natural Hair Growth System With Health, Growth, Education & Lasting Results

Lov’n Ur Hair introduces an all-natural hair growth system that offers health, growth, education and lasting results. Many women face challenges trying to explore different hair care styles that maintain healthy hair, sustain roots and edges with vibrance and strength. Finding hair care for edges and tresses that offer sustainable results can be overwhelming. Lov’n Ur Hair knows these challenges and how to solve them. Healthy relationships thrive from authentic pour-in and nurturing. The all-natural hair growth system teaches how to start and maintain a loving relationship in hair care with the use of blended natural ingredient products. This hair care system focuses on the root using the healthy hair growth serum to develop a strong foundation. Next, it expands the hair care regiment into a luxury salon Keratin shampoo and condition DUO, edge care treatment combined with vitamins that ensure a healthy experience and healthy results. Today’s consumer demands sustainable products with expected results. Products and services have to offer more than what is expected. Lov’n Ur Hair is driven by this expectation. Never settle for any relationship that doesn’t love you back. Live by that and love your hair with Lov’n Ur Hair products.  
Lov’n Ur Hair is hosting a”Pop Up” event in Howard County, Maryland, on October 9-10, 2021, at the Columbia Mall during mall hours. 
Additional “Pop Up” events will follow and be hosted in November and December. Stay connected and follow us on instagram @lovnurhair, on Facebook and visit us at lovnurhair.com. You will find more “Pop Up” upcoming event details on our social media channels. Commit to a new healthy relationship; show your hair some love with Lov’n Ur Hair.
Lov’n Ur Hair Contact: Jordan “Kimberly” Leakey     IG:  @lovnurhair               Email:  info@lovnurhair.com 
Press Release Contact: Ortega Pittman                     IG:  @OrtegaPittman       Email: tega@tegauniversal.com
Source: Lov'n Ur Hair