Los Angeles Dance Music Artist Announces Release of First EP, New Music Video

Los Angeles, CA – After releasing his first EP this month, rising pop and dance artist Tyler Garrett has dropped a new music video for the title track on his “Potential Love” EP.

The video for Potential Love is the much-anticipated follow-up from the pop songwriter’s collaboration with EDM artist Jeriqo. Their collaboration “You Have Me” was streamed more than a million times.

Potential Love is Garrett’s first solo release. He drew inspiration for the soulful synth song from a variety of personal life experiences and observations. The ambient song showcases Garrett’s smooth vocals, haunting harmonies, layered instrumentals, and lyrics saturated with universal feelings about the complexity of love.

“I started the song with a haunting electronic arpeggio leading to a tapestry of minimalist instrumentation to represent the tangled and complex quest for love we all experience,” he said. “Love is beautiful, love is dark, love is full of potential for both joy and sorrow. This song attempts to capture the experience of exploring the possible future of a relationship and the tension that creates.”

Potential Love is a smooth and laid back electropop track infused with inspiration from hip-hop, 90s-style R&B, and vintage EDM stylings. The single’s video dives into the emotional world of the song through ambient lighting, synchronization, and moody camera work.

“The video brings out the darker elements of the song while still leaving the reminder that every relationship is built on hope for the future,” Garrett said. “Our goal with the video was to represent how a relationship can go in many different directions.”

Garrett, a Los Angeles transplant from South Carolina, has been writing melodic electro-pop songs and collaborating with other artists for years. He discovered his love for singing as a teenager participating in youth choirs.

Together with his current producer, he has recorded more than 35 songs and has partnered with other artists as a featured vocalist, notably with British duo Siskiyou on “When the Tide Comes” in addition to his collaboration with Jeriqo.

Garrett’s five-song EP, released by Vice Wave Records, includes the songs “Fearless,” “Potential Love,” “In My Head,” “Ecstacy,” and “Eyes.” The EP is available on any platform where music can be downloaded.

The music video for Potential Love can be viewed on YouTube at https://youtu.be/chf2UKWnnmU.

Learn more about Tyler Garrett at https://tylergarrettofficial.com. Follow him on Instagram @tylergarrettofficial and Facebook @tylergarrettofficial.

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