Loris Announces the Official Launch of Its Real-Time Coaching Technology for Digital Customer Service

Loris, a real-time coaching software technology that adds empathy into customer service conversations, announced the official launch of its intelligence-based chat solution. The first-of-its-kind AI-powered chat solution for customer service representatives is designed to focus on improving the outcome for both customers and agents. Loris does this by helping the agent to understand the customer’s sentiment and dynamically crafting effective responses based on the customer’s tone.
As organizations are quickly transitioning to digital support channels due to customer demand, lower cost and need to scale, the new solution from Loris enables companies to enhance chat communications by ensuring agents are understanding customer sentiment and are using appropriate language and brand voice, all while giving management visibility into 100% of customer messages. “The entire Loris team is very excited to bring our innovative chat solution to market,” said Etie Hertz, Chief Executive Officer at Loris. “Our real-time coaching software is a game changer for customer care teams as it enables them to increase efficiency and the quality of conversations simultaneously, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and lifetime value.”
Loris’ customers have seen KPI improvements in first-time reply (14%), average reply time (25%) and average handle time (18%) and a 50% increase in chat concurrency, all while driving up customer satisfaction scores.
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