LooseGrownDiamond.com Releases Infographic Showcasing How Lab-Grown Diamonds Can Save Buyers Money

LooseGrownDiamond.com, a Diamond Manufacturer and Wholesaler has released an infographic showcasing how buyers can save up to $14,790 by switching to lab-grown diamonds. These gems are made of carbon just like earth-mined diamonds. Both being completely identical whilst possessing the same chemical, physical, and visual properties. The only catch is they are created differently, which is why lab-grown diamonds are dramatically (as much as 40% to 50%) less expensive per carat than a mined equivalent.
While the former is mined, having been created about 100 miles below the surface in the Earth’s upper mantle after millions of years under intense heat and pressure, the latter is grown in a lab from a single carbon seed that crystallizes fairly quickly. However, just like no two natural diamonds are the same, no two lab-grown diamonds turn out exactly the same, which makes them even more attractive besides their lower price.
Out of 10 to 100 carats per hundred tons of ore from mines, only 20% of the overall output is of gem quality. Even top mines move 5 tons of ore, plus 25 tons of additional rock, to produce 1 carat of diamonds. The final yield is approximately 1/2 carat since about half that weight is lost in cutting. At least 1,200 pounds of ore and rock are excavated, about 250 tons of earth is shifted, and more than 30 pounds of Sulphur oxide and 125 pounds of carbon are produced for every single carat of a traditionally mined diamond.
Contrastingly, lab-grown diamonds emit just six pounds, or less than 5%, of carbon that natural diamonds produce. They also produce no Sulphur oxide. In total, air emissions on a single carat of lab-grown diamond are 1.5 billion times lower than those of a natural one. Being dangerous, mined diamonds also result in one injury and 80 days of lost work time per 1,000 employees every year. Lab-grown diamonds cause no injuries and no lost work time.
GIA/IGI-certified lab-created diamonds at LooseGrownDiamond.com, a subsidiary of RRP Diamond, cost 30% less when compared to other leading online retailers and fine jewelry companies. Get more carats at lower prices that are also guaranteed 100% conflict-free and come with a seven-day return policy with options for a full refund or an exchange. 
Buy Lab Grown Diamonds to enjoy the look and feel of natural diamonds with the clear conscience of an environmentally friendly purchase and the immense satisfaction of getting value for money without the hefty price tag. 
You can check out our stunning infographic below:
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