Local Kansas City House Buying Company Offering Multiple Options to Home Sellers

There is a new business model emerging in the real estate world, and a local company has emulated this in order to better serve house sellers in the Greater Kansas City area.
Rather than approaching a house seller in a one-size-fits-all fashion, Phenomenal Properties KC presents three potential solutions that the company can assist a homeowner with. These options include: a cash sale, an off-market sale and a traditional real estate listing.
Phenomenal Properties KC buys houses in Kansas City for cash and provides fair no-obligation offers to sellers. This option provides the homeowner with the opportunity to sell their home in as-is condition and receive payment in as little as two weeks. While this route has many benefits to the seller, the gross sales price is likely going to be lower than the other two options. However, this comes with the tradeoff of speed and convenience, along with not having to pay any fees or commissions. Phenomenal Properties KC is extremely transparent with their process on buying homes for cash.
Another option that Phenomenal Properties KC offers is an off market sale. This is where the company facilitates the purchase of the property with another investor for a higher price than what would be offered in a cash sale. While this option comes with the potential for a higher sales price, it also comes with more uncertainty. There is no guarantee that there will be a buyer at this higher price point and that said buyer will follow through on the purchase. Fortunately, a seller can always revert back to the cash sale option if this one does not pan out.
Phenomenal Properties KC also operates as a group of top real estate agents in Kansas City. Their real estate experience and market knowledge propels a quick sale of your home for top dollar on the market. This option comes with the longest timeline and most uncertainty, but in almost every case will end up in the highest sales price. For most home sellers, this is the best option. That does come with the caveat that the seller wants to deal with a list and that time is on their side.
Regardless of your situation as a home seller, Phenomenal Properties KC takes the time to understand your circumstances and lay out all of your options. Being able to sell your Kansas City house in multiple ways is what makes Phenomenal Properties one of the area’s most trusted home buyers.
To learn more about Phenomenal Properties KC, visit the official website at https://www.phenompropertykc.com/.
Source: Phenomenal Properties KC