LiveFreely Inc. Partners With WeHOPE and JustServe to Provide COVID-19 Vaccines to the Homeless

Three organizations have joined forces to fight against COVID-19 during the most challenging final stages of the vaccination campaign. LiveFreely Inc., a digital health company specializing in technology for the elderly and the underserved, has partnered with WeHOPE, a non-profit provider of mobile homeless services, and JustServe, a national volunteer service group, to provide unsheltered populations throughout Santa Clara County, California, with COVID-19 vaccinations.
“During this last-mile vaccination effort, we saw a vulnerable community with an unmet need, and we wanted to give back,” says Dr. Arthur Jue, CEO of LiveFreely. “Although we are an authorized vaccine provider, we needed to partner with those familiar with the unhoused to help navigate encampments and to enable the homeless to feel comfortable.”
LiveFreely partnered with WeHOPE, a non-profit that has provided mobile showers and laundry units to the unhoused for over a decade, as well as homeless case management services throughout the greater Bay Area and Los Angeles. “The response among the unhoused has been tremendous. Through giving food, socks, gift cards, and even just lending a caring ear has helped this community in overcoming fears and hesitations on getting vaccinated,” says Janet Chong, vaccine coordinator.
Lupita Lara, Lead Case Manager, said, “Having faced homelessness myself, I understand the importance of the work we do. When I was homeless with my two kids a decade ago, I had to figure things out on my own. Now, as a case manager for WeHOPE, I can give the help that I never received. I was homeless in 2011 until 2013 and I wished that my case manager would have helped me more. I ended up having to do a lot myself, which sparked my desire to help others in similar situations so they know that they do not have to go through any situation alone. I just want those homeless that I help to know: It’s OK, we’ve all been there. I understand what they are going through, and I can help. I try to give all the clients 100% of my time and am glad to be a part of a wonderful team that helps me do this. I hope that we continue to work with LiveFreely together in future endeavors.”
JustServe, a national volunteer organization, maintains a clearinghouse of individuals from numerous charitable, interfaith, and other organizations desiring to participate in worthwhile service projects. JustServe became a key partner in providing volunteers for the homeless vaccination initiative. “We are thrilled to partner with both LiveFreely and WeHope,” says Scott Hepworth of JustServe. “Together, we are working in the best way we know how — with love and compassion in our hearts — to get the last homeless individuals in Santa Clara County vaccinated, one person at a time.”
Source: LiveFreely Inc.