Live Story Achieves Record-Breaking Year in 2022

Live Story, the digital experience platform for creatives, just had its best financial year ever. There were twice as many brands onboarded in 2022 as in 2021, and the number of users nearly doubled.
The platform is also expanding to new destinations following its redesign in Q3 2022. “The redesigned Live Story has exceeded our expectations as it rapidly improved user experiences and lowered learning curves,” said Stefano Mocellini, co-founder and CEO. “These are significant steps in our vision of making online designing more and more limitless.”
In comparison to last year, clients and certified partner agencies spent 75% more time on Live Story designing layouts for their websites. Layout views peaked on November 25 (Black Friday), with a record 120% increase over 2021, with no adverse environmental effects, as Live Story became carbon neutral this year. Meaning layouts created and published using it leave a mark online but no trace on the environment.
“We proved that a bootstrapped company can still retain and grow organically in a tumultuous year for tech. We’re off to a fast start in 2023 with customer growth that accelerated year-over-year, record low churn, great partner agencies and game-changing vision on product,” concluded Mocellini. 
Source: Live Story, Inc.