Litify, the Top-Rated Legal Practice Software, Lands Deal to Power the District of Columbia Bar

Litify announced today that the District of Columbia Bar (D.C. Bar), the largest unified bar in the United States, has selected Litify as its legal case management solution to manage the D.C. attorney discipline system. The D.C. Bar joins a growing list of hundreds of Litify clients, including law firms, corporate legal departments, government entities, non-governmental organizations, and nonprofits.
Litify Will Run Disciplinary Process for 110,000+ Member D.C. Bar
The Office of Disciplinary Counsel (ODC) and the Board of Professional Responsibility (BPR) investigate and adjudicate alleged ethics violations and professional misconduct by attorneys admitted to practice by the District of Columbia Court of Appeals. With more than 110,000 members in every U.S. state and over 80 countries, the D.C. Bar requires a cloud-based platform that can unify their distinct practices in a single system and evolve as they do.
With a variety of companies offering legal tech solutions, the D.C. Bar had no shortage of options to choose from. After an intensive search, Litify, built on top of Salesforce, emerged as the clear winner due to its flexibility, functionality, extensibility, and security.
“We selected Litify to support the lifecycle of the disciplinary system, from the collection of the initial complaint to the management of the disciplinary decision,” said D.C. Bar CIO Caterina Luppi. “The product leverages the platform to build a strong document management system and a flexible workflow engine that can accommodate the wide range of our business rules.”
How Litify Empowers Bar Associations
Litify’s ability to satisfy the needs of the D.C. Bar’s attorney discipline system is a case study in the platform’s configurability. Using Litify Intakes, ODC can efficiently receive and investigate ethics complaints, and BPR can then evaluate the docketed cases under Litify Matters. Finally, volunteers who adjudicate cases for the BPR are able to collaborate through Litify Communities.
“When we learned that the D.C. Bar wanted a system that could help organize and standardize their processes, and at the same time be able to handle the unique nuances of their cases, we knew that the Litify platform was a perfect match,” said Terry Dohrmann, Litify CRO, and Founding Executive.
Litify also empowers bar associations to perform key functions such as tracking lawyer violations; checking conflicts-of-interest; securely permitting internal and external users; creating and managing custom documents; adopting workflows that ensure crucial tasks are properly managed.
The extensible Salesforce platform gives bar associations—and legal teams of all scopes and sizes—the features they need to integrate, streamline, and standardize their operations now and in the future. Since 2016, Litify’s mission to revolutionize how legal services are provided has rapidly expanded. Its award-winning software serves more than 200 customers and 30,000 users across a diverse customer base.
Earlier this year, Litify was named by LawFuel, the Industry-Leading Legal Publication, as #1 in Practice Management Software for Law Firms, In-House Counsel, Government Entities, and Nonprofits.
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