Lisa Rone, MBA: Professional and Personal Development Online Courses

Lisa Rone, MBA, an online educator helping others through her online platform for professional development and leadership, is pleased to announce the launch of Berry Academy, supporting adult learners and those struggling to find employment.
Berry Academy, the online hub for business education, helps unemployed and remote business professionals gain the information and skills they need to grow their knowledge base and find success. Berry Academy provides evergreen content suitable for any industry to support and nurture individuals with a desire to excel in the business arena. The platform is also devoted to helping its students become well-rounded individuals who use what they have learned to improve the world.
The vision for Berry Academy is a community where all people feel loved, respected, and inspired to develop to their fullest potential. Leadership skills are paramount for people to achieve their personal and professional endeavors and their full potential, as well as improve workplaces and the outside world. Berry Academy is committed to the individuals it services, providing support and encouragement.
Atlanta, Georgia
Source: Lisa Rone, MBA