Lionheart Psychology Group is Answering How Clinical Psychology Helps

Today, Lionheart Psychology Group looks to address some common questions about clinical psychology in Calgary. First up, what exactly is clinical psychology?
According to the clinical psychology page on their website, it is “the application of psychological science to the assessment and treatment of mental, emotional and behavioural issues, including severe and persistent conditions. Counselling psychology makes use of psychological principles to enhance and promote the positive growth, well-being and mental health of individuals, families, groups and the broader community.”
How interesting, but understanding how clinical psychology works doesn’t mean we know who it’s for. So, who exactly are these services geared towards?
As it turns out, individuals, couples, families, children and those with severe or persistent issues may all benefit from these helpful services. Clinical psychologists aim to help a wide range of people in various circumstances, but with what?
The list of issues that these psychologists can address includes:
Emotional distress
Adjustment issues
Conflict management
Increasing intimacy in relationships
Child learning and psycho-diagnostic assessments
Personality disorders
And more
It is certainly an impressive range of services. Clearly, this profession is able to assist in many individual’s unique or difficult circumstances. Through overcoming challenges, they are able to help people become better accustomed to their goals by strengthening relationships and effectively advocating for themselves.
Getting the word out about these services is a great way for Lionheart Psychology Group to connect with new individuals and inform them about what exactly clinical psychology entails. However, they also answer other questions on their website, including why people should seek counselling, how to find the right psychologist, how to frame your visits and much more.
Let these Calgary clinical psychologists provide relief and understanding for suffering from severe or persistent mental health challenges.
Source: Lionheart Psychology Group