Linsoul Introduces HarmonicDyne Poseidon – a Beryllium-Killer Headphone With Innovative Dynamic Drivers

Continued with the success of the HarmonicDyne Zeus flagship headphone, the Poseidon is developed and released based on the request of the audiophile community. It’s a premium-grade headphone designed for the most discerning audiophiles. 
The Poseidon is among the first headphones to use an innovative pure nickel diaphragm. Compared with beryllium, pure nickel is four times in density and two times in tensile strength. A diaphragm driver made of purified nickel is much stiffer and more responsive, delivering a clearer sound with lower distortions. Combined with the open-back design, the Poseidon delivers a frequency response of 10Hz to 40kHz, allowing listeners to feel the incredible connection and transparency with the music. What’s more, the premium grade of solid maple wood is utilized to construct the housing cavity for the drivers. As a frequent choice of wood for making professional musical instruments, maple wood perfectly matches the new nickel diaphragm drivers because of its high responsiveness and acoustic projection. The solid maple housing allows emphasis on fundamental frequencies and quick decays, making for incredible note separation and clarity. On top of that, the sophisticated maple wood bespoke design casts a glamour over the headphone, making the Poseidon look as beautiful as it sounds. 
Listening comfort is also the priority in Poseidon design. The Poseidon comes with ultra-light ergonomic ear pads to ensure comfortability for a long time wearing. The earpads are crafted to high-quality nanometer suede cushions, its geometric inner membrane design ensures a perfect seal for those tight basslines while permitting airflow so your ears don’t get too stuffy.
Pricing and Availability
The HarmonicDyne Poseidon is launched on Kickstarter at 10 am EST on Oct. 12. The super early bird price starts from $279. After the campaign ends, the retail price will go up to $435. Moreover, some addons such as a portable carrying case, extra earpads, and custom Tripowin GranVia cables will be offered to the campaign backers with exclusive discounts.
For more information, please visit Linsoul or our HarmonicDyne Kickstarter Campaign. 
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Linsoul was founded in 2016,  the team is grouped by professional product developers, experienced designers, and HiFi audiophiles. Our goal is to provide world-class customer service to the audiophile and music-loving communities. The founder of Linsoul realized that Hifi music listening should be inspirational and modernly stylish. It can be combined with sound quality and stylish to express your music style.
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