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What to do after interviewing for jobs and waiting for responses?

I am going crazy waiting to hear back if I got a job or not. I don’t want to do work because if I get a job it will be pointless. I don’t want to look for more jobs for the same reason. But I’m not sure I even got…

GOLD, Bear Market Rally, Jobs, and Knowing the BIG Picture –

Check this blog out to see the big picture- victoryindependence video Bear Market Rally supersized Republished by Blog Post Promoter

Boehner on the “Stimulus”: “Where are the jobs?”

Over the weekend, Congressman Boehner appeared on On Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, noting that the trillion-dollar “stimulus” spending bill has failed to create new jobs and that Republicans have a better solution that will help small businesses, not big government. Boehner said: “If you really want to get…

What is a good job without going to college good jobs for people with poor clerical skills?

I am a freshman engineering student that is very bright but i am struggling in school because my mind doesn’t work fast enough for much any kind of class work. Are there any good jobs for people like this I was thinking fire fighter maybe. Please people with experience help….

Teen Summer Jobs

Jobs are few and far between with the high unemployment rate. And the summer jobs frequently filled by teens are going to adults who are in need of a paycheck. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

What jobs are available with a degree in business management?

I’m researching jobs for my enrichment class project and I’m looking in the business field. What would the available jobs be with a degree in business management? Republished by Blog Post Promoter

Macworld NY 1999-Noah Wyle imitating Steve Jobs

Here we see the actor Noah Wyle playing the role of Steve Jobs at the start of the Macworld expo. Noah played the role of Steve in the movie Pirates Of Silicon Valley which was released that same year. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

The Worst Jobs in History – The Stuart Age – Part 1

Back again and this time with a bang… Literally! You saw it here first folks Creative Planet, Creative Thinking Republished by Blog Post Promoter


So Im applying for a job at this supermarket which is always looking for people and everybody gets jobs there. Two of my friends in the last 2 weeks got jobs. And theyre getting pretty desperate because theyre looking for temporary workers if theres a strike. I applied online and…

Steve Jobs Macworld 1998 Keynote (Part 4)

Macworld 98 New York Republished by Blog Post Promoter