LINK Agency Launches TikTok Creator Scholarship

LINK Agency, a fast-growing TikTok creative agency, today announces the launch of its Content Creator Scholarship to support promising content creators to not only go viral but to find lasting success in the industry.
Budding “TikTokers” looking to level up on their careers in content creation will be put through a six-month scholarship program where they will receive support from one of LINK Agency’s two co-founders, Francisco Lopes and Francisco Schmidberger, both Portuguese immigrants to California who flew across the world to pursue their dreams.
With their experience working with large prestigious corporations, graduating from top universities, and scaling start-ups, these experts are well-positioned to arm content creators with the knowledge needed to identify new opportunities on today’s most-promising platform, TikTok. During the scholarship, the founders will host weekly meetings to help develop career opportunities, negotiate brand deals, and provide ongoing advice and resources.
Those interested can apply to the program, where the initial cohort (Fall ’21) of three will be selected by an industry leader committee based on their needs, passion, and commitment to content creation. LINK anticipates that this initiative will be the first of many and already has views to expand and develop the program in the coming years. 
The creator economy is a relatively new industry, but it is already worth an estimated $20 billion. It attracts a much younger demographic, where 54% of Gen Z and millennials would be keen to become an influencer, many favoring a career as a content creator over other more traditional jobs such as an astronaut.
In addition, creators with a lack of business education or experience can become targets of companies and individuals looking to take advantage of young and vulnerable people. Many are making life-changing decisions such as dropping out of college to pursue their dreams at a very young age, often lacking the proper emotional support or career advice to successfully navigate the highs and lows of the industry. 
While LINK has always provided informal support to the content creators they work with, they now see the need to make more formal forms of assistance available for top TikTok talent. 
“We’re a creator-first company and believers in the long-term potential of the creator economy,” says Francisco Lopes, one of the Co-founders. “As someone that works with creators daily, we want to empower them and continue to increase their access and ability to be successful entrepreneurs of their own content.” 
About LINK Agency
LINK Agency is a “TikTok Brand Factory”, a fast-growing agency that provides end-to-end campaign management services, including talent acquisition, creative strategy, and performance analysis. Since its launch in 2020, LINK Agency has generated 1.2 billion organic views across its TikTok campaigns, with an impressive combined community reach of 10 billion and access to over 20,000 influencers.
Name: Daniela Peña Romero
Source: LINK Agency