Limitless Summer Employment Options for Teens

As summer vacation looms, you may be thinking about finding a job to earn some money and obtain valuable work experience. Teen jobs can involve a number of things, from working as a lifeguard to collecting trash. You can remain in your local area or travel to other regions of the nation. Once you narrow down your list of jobs that are of the most interest to you, use the Internet to get more information. Also visit websites of businesses in that field. An online application can typically be filed.
A job with the National Park Service is one of the most attractive jobs for teens that enjoy the great outdoors. Summer travel jobs that are normally available at the national parks include maintenance workers and cleanup crews. You may find yourself being responsible for collecting trash, emptying garbage cans, or cleaning rest rooms. Regardless of your job, you will be delighted to work in such gorgeous surroundings.
If you’re in the market for something different and enjoy working with kids, consider a job with a summer camp program. It presents a great opportunity to make new friends and work with kids while enjoying the summer in a natural setting AND getting paid. Most summer camps require counselors to be certified in First Aid, to have experience in Outdoor Education, and to have a specific level of aquatic certification.
Resort jobs appeal to a variety of interests and include positions at the beach, on the slope, or on a cruise ship. Many of the openings are jobs doing maintenance or manual labor, so they aren’t glamorous positions. The trade off is that you’ll be working in awesome environments, and likely that resort accommodations will be included.
Whatever your own interests, teen jobs are available in every corner of the globe. A little research will uncover a long list of summer job opportunities for teens. Remember, you can complete job applications online, to save a lot of time. Whether your job assignment is lifeguard duty or camp counselor, relax and make the most of this enjoyable time.

About the Author: As a high school Principal, Branden Carmondie makes it a priority to have High School career development available for students. Principal Carmondie knows first hand how life skills manuals & worksheets, life planning skills dvd and videos, and other career information can help kids to make a sound decision for their future.