Limelight Holdings, LLC Announces New Entity, Lightspeed Crypto, and Plans to Offer Crypto Trading

Limelight Holdings, LLC (“Limelight” or “Company”) announced today the formation of Lightspeed Crypto. The new entity aligns with the Company’s core offering, Lightspeed Financial Services Group LLC (Lightspeed). Lightspeed Crypto intends to fill significant gaps in the crypto ecosystem that don’t account for active and high-volume traders’ unique needs, with trading set to start later this year.
“The new entity is a natural expansion of our core brand,” said Tom Gibb, Co-President and COO of Lightspeed. “Lightspeed Crypto will build on our competencies and focus squarely on supporting the evolving needs of active traders who are looking for more control, greater price transparency, reduced costs, and sophisticated portfolio and risk management tools. We look forward to sharing more exciting Lightspeed Crypto announcements in the very near future.”
Lightspeed Crypto is expected to launch later this year.
About Limelight Holdings, LLC.
Limelight Holdings, LLC. helps institutional traders advance their execution strategy in the most automated, high-volume electronic trading markets through Lightspeed Financial Services Group. Headquartered in Morristown, NJ, our hallmarks of service, stability, and technological know-how are recognized by traders across the United States and the world. Limelight Holdings is the owner of Lightspeed Financial Services Group (LFSG) and Lightspeed Crypto.
Lightspeed Financial Services Group, the retail brand, is the premier provider of equities, and futures brokerage services for active and professional traders. Lightspeed’s combination of highly customizable, real-time ultra-low-latency solutions with world-class, expert service helps keep traders at the top of their game, regardless of market conditions.
Source: Limelight Holdings, LLC