Lily Farm Fresh Event Center asks Governor Jared Polis to open up

Lily Farm Fresh Event Center asks Governor Jared Polis to open up—They can accommodate 96,800 people with social distancing!

Lily Farm Fresh Event Center, a spacious barn-inspired event venue in Keenesburg, Colorado, has requested Governor Jared Polis allow them to open for up to 100 people today on account of their ability to accommodate 96,800 people, each with 6 feet apart, following the standard social distancing guidelines.

The event center, located on 80-acres of open land and 31 miles from downtown Denver, hopes their brides can still have and celebrate their special day with family and friends. For so many brides, weddings are something they have dreamt about their entire lives, and these life long dreams are now being destroyed. Weddings are supposed to be a day looked back on for years with a fondness and happiness, and Lily Farm Fresh Event Center wants to not only share this special day with their clients, but also wishes to provide an escape from the world today.

The brand new event center, located across the road from the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keensburg, offers both indoor and outdoor space where all social distancing measures can be practiced. Lily Morgan, owner and CFO of Lily Farm Fresh Event Center, says this about the ample space her venue offers: “We have over 3 times the square footage of the Denver Botanic Gardens. By utilizing both the indoor event hall and our outside veranda/deck, we can typically accommodate 300 people. If you include the 80-acres of land our event center sits on, this number skyrockets.” As a facility that allows BYOB and offers all-inclusive packages for their couples, Lily Farm Fresh Event Center is able to ensure safety and sanitation requirements are met from start to finish.