Lightburn Launches E-commerce Podcast Focused on Direct-to-Consumer Lifecycle

Lightburn, an award-winning digital agency located in the heart of Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward, announced today the release of their new podcast series, Beyond the Cart.  
This e-commerce podcast will focus on solving the complicated minutia involved in launching a DTC business.
“It’s so fun for us to share this very real and very complex journey with our clients and the community at large,” said co-host and Lightburn owner Andy Wintheiser. “Although we have owned e-commerce businesses in the past, today’s retail environment offers an array of opportunities, barriers, and bottom-line considerations that did not exist a decade ago.”  
The Beyond the Cart podcast will profile the Lightburn team as they build an outdoor living brand from the ground up. Even though Lightburn is a digital agency, this podcast will focus on the cold-hard decisions, platforms, and back-end considerations that drive and support a successful DTC business.
“E-commerce is like an iceberg,” said co-host and Lightburn owner Nora Lahl. “If you don’t understand fulfillment and all of the back-end processes, you can’t possibly put up an e-commerce website and have that be successful. This podcast is our opportunity to share that experience, challenge our perspective, and most importantly, sit in the client’s chair.”  
This informal podcast will give listeners a first-hand perspective of what it takes to build an e-commerce business. Topics will include how to: select an e-commerce platform, build consumer products, craft a brand, understand market research, manage distribution channels, create a pricing structure, maintain fees, and manage the consumer lifecycle. Join Nora and Andy every other week for 45 minutes as they dive deep into phase one of their business development plan.
Stream EPISODE 01: You’re Doing What? to hear how the idea got started.
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