LifeBank Chain Announces Upcoming Gene and Cell Collaboration Platform With Disrupt Blockchain Technologies

GENE & CELL MEDICINE LTD located in Israel and Singapore started a new project : LifeBank Chain (LBC). The project LBC plans to build a genetic and cell data collaboration platform.
Genetic research seeks to understand the process of trait inheritance from parents to offspring. The human genetic research is revealing the nature of human bioinformatics and giving scientists a powerful approach to study various health issues of human life. 
Cell research focuses on stem cell and immune cell therapies, which are an extremely promising approach for the treatment of many diseases with an immune component including cancer, autoimmune disease, and chronic inflammation. 
The wide applications of these new biological technologies in the medical field greatly reshaped the traditional pharmaceutical industry, whose focus was not only put on the treatment of disease as before but also on gene diagnosis and prevention, which opened the door to the world of personalized and precise medicine.
Blockchain is an emerging technology that has attracted increasing attention from both researchers and practitioners. The functionalities of blockchain technology and smart contracts provide an opportunity over large gene and cell data to support genetic and cell data integrity and security while giving patients control over their own data.
LBC plans to build a genetic and cell data collaboration platform incorporating an extensible cross-chain service system based on individual and institutional nodes. The platform product service layer abstracts all typical kinds of gene and cell blockchain applications and provides the full functions and implementation framework of typical applications. 
The goal of LifeBank Chain (LBC) is to establish a global-level service platform for sharing and utilizing human genetic and cell data through secured blockchain technologies. The LBC blockchain is designed to provide genetic and cell research industry partners with enterprise-level blockchain infrastructure, industry solutions, and secure, reliable, and flexible blockchain services. LBC will work together with medical practitioners to provide full-solution ancillary reagent services and provide flexible and pioneering tools to simplify therapy workflow at every step of the medical process. 
LBC will form a professional and shared social organization — LBC Life Alliance — inviting life technology companies, scientific research institutes, medical institutions, etc. to jointly solve medical, health, disease, and public health problems, and jointly build the application standards of gene and stem cell medical technology on the blockchain, and contribute to the cause of human health. 
LifeBank Chain enables healthcare professionals to manage the medical data and do research in an auditable, transparent and secure way on LBC’s distributed network. LBC continues to closely monitor the evolution of genetics and cell therapy in different medical subspecialties around the world.
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