Level 10 Construction’s 200 Park High-Rise Begins Using SpeedCore

“It is direct investments in innovations, like SpeedCore, that can save millions of dollars in construction costs, allow for earlier occupancy of a new building, and be built with materials produced in the USA.” —Evan Bayh, former U.S. senator and governor of Indiana, in RealClearPolitics, Nov. 18, 2020
What is SpeedCore? Technically, it’s a Concrete-Filled Composite Plate Shear Wall (CF-CPSW) system. In laymen’s terms, it’s a faster, safer, and more efficient way of building a high-rise, and it’s being used for only the second time in the country on Level 10’s 200 Park project in downtown San Jose.
Ron Klemencic, Chairman and CEO of Magnusson Klemencic Associates (MKA), and a group of AEC colleagues took an established, open-source idea—filling prefabricated steel plates with concrete to create a building’s core—and elevated it by using the system on a high-rise: the 58-story Rainier Square Redevelopment in Seattle. The system enabled the team to erect the building’s core nine months ahead of schedule compared to the traditional method.
Recognizing the cost savings and schedule efficiencies of the system, Level 10 Partner/VP Operations Casey Wend pitched the idea to the developer, Jay Paul Company, for the construction of 200 Park, and the decision was made for the 19-story project to use SpeedCore. Project partners include MKA (structural engineer), Gensler (architect), and Schuff Steel (steel fabricator and erector).
The SpeedCore system relies on two steel plates connected with steel cross ties, which are then filled with high-strength concrete. The modular nature of these prefabricated “sandwich” panels allows for faster erection speed since the system provides stability without requiring traditional rebar reinforcing or the temporary formwork of a typical concrete core, and progress is not dependent on concrete curing times.
The 200 Park SpeedCore system began in February when the crew installed a mock-up of the pre-fabricated panels that will hold the concrete. See video here: https://vimeo.com/514068489
In March, working closely with project partners, Level 10 created a 3-D conceptual video of the structural steel sequence. Partner/VP Operations Kevin Englund states, “The use of SpeedCore can help the team save (approx.) three months on the overall construction schedule” for the 200 Park project.
Learn more about SpeedCore here: https://www.aisc.org/why-steel/innovative-systems/SpeedCore/
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Media: Jill Lonergan, NorCal Director of Marketing | www.level10gc.com
Source: Level 10 Construction