Let’s Meditate! AL Samer Launches Meditation and Relaxation App toOvercome Stress and Anxiety

AL Samer is pleased to announce the launch of a relaxation and meditation app to overcome stress and anxiety. This is not a mediation app, but a companion app that connects people to a more beautiful life, a journey to mind treatment spa., this latest Smart application Al-Samer was completely produced with the hands and expertise of three Omani PhD holders with vast experience and expertise of dealing with the issue of stress and anxiety, as it is considered the first application in the Arab region for free relaxation and contemplation. Practice your daily meditation and breathing exercises from Android or iPhone devices.

The App became an immediate sensation with Arab youth from Oman and the region. Now it is being used in 7 countries in less than a month from its launch and the list is growing daily. The uniqueness of the App is that it is based on Arabic and Islamic rich history and culture rather than a look alike international apps that get translated into different languages.

“Available at all online application markets, this app will help to create the best journey for people as well as create several journeys for different moods” says EssamAlRajhy, a user of the AlSamer App from Saudia Arabia.

A good night’s sleep is essential to tackle the day’s stress more easily. When people are tired, they will feel more restless, which can increase stress.This app is a perfect tool toovercome anxiety, reduce stress, improve focus, sleep better, calm nerves, and relax fast, and stay peace and start a deep discovery within yourself.

Newly developed app that aims to reach mental well-being of people using guided meditation programs, nature sounds, breathing programs, motivational guides, and relaxing music to help ease you into the day or unwind with before bed. Enjoy sessions in both English and Arabic.

There’s a wide range of techniques to choose from. In addition to an assortment of daily meditations, Al-Samer includes many features to help millions relax& fall asleep easier. It includes a group of specialized categories towards a clear goal:
• Relax
• Sleep
• Focus
• Motivation
• Resilience
• Soul

To ensure best experience, each main category contains powerful sub categories:

Songs of Nature:
• Natural sounds of birds
• Forest sounds
• Waves
• Rain
• Animals
• Sea, etc

• Musical instruments and harmonies

• Vocal instructions

• Excerpts
• Quotes
• Wisdom
• Poetry

This app has 4+ rating and requires iOS 13.0 or later. Download the app for Android and iPhone. And, AL Samer is the digital friend, and can talk to this app as a best friend. Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled.

About AL Samer
Suffering from stress, tension, extra responsibilities during COVID-19, then Al Samer app is the best bet. AL Samer is the relaxation app that connects you to a more beautiful life, a journey to mind treatment spa. Download Al Samer and enjoy it on your Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.