Leslie Cook’s New Book ‘Ethereal’s Call’ is a Spellbinding Odyssey in Pursuit of Unveiling the Secrets to One’s Identity and Heritage

Fulton Books author Leslie Cook, a US Military member, an operations manager in distribution and supply chain logistics, and an intensely creative woman, has completed her most recent book “Ethereal’s Call”: a coming-of-age novel filled with whimsical situations and a wide range of colorful characters. This is an empowering adventure of an unpopular witch who traveled to an unfamiliar world where the secrets of her real identity are buried deep. As she ventures into this unknown place, will Kyra finally unleash her highest potential?

Cook shares, “Kyra Vale Aiwler is an unpopular witch on an assignment for her coven. Her task is clear, and her goal is set. Then she gets derailed when she crosses paths with a Fae bartender, Micah Rao. She has no interest in anything he has to offer, but he will not take no for an answer. Ensnared by his proposal, she finds herself at the mercy of a secret destiny and a past she knew nothing about. She crosses over to a world that is foreign to her and one she may not be ready to embrace. She goes on an epic journey and learns about her true self and the heritage that she was being denied. She has untapped potential and power that she will need to overcome the obstacles of her past. She is the hope that is threatened by a lingering darkness that will not be easily overcome. With the aid of her new relationships, will she be able to conquer the threats of this foreign land?”
Published by Fulton Books, Leslie Cook’s book is a captivating tale filled with magic, mystery, romance, and adventure headlined by a strong female character.
It is a grand adventure of coming home and coming back to the pieces of you that you thought you’ve never had.
Readers who wish to experience this enthralling work can purchase “Ethereal’s Call” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books